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FPB Rant [Nov. 8th, 2008|03:08 pm]
fpb seems to believe that all Obama supporters are either idiots or deluded. They also "leave a nasty taste in the mouth". He seems to have the belief that all of Obama's current supporters are going to come to their senses during the next four years once he ruins the country.

He also believes that Michael Chrichton's death was related to Obama winning as both were very sad events.

Not only this, but he manages to accuse people of his own worst traits!

"I see you belong to the Secret Police school of crticism (force your answer down the prisoner's throat no matter what)." - here


"Also bonus if he brags of his degrees (in the plural) in English, while failing to grasp the difference between a criticism of his style and a criticism of his grammar. (For a free specimen, look in my entry about Michael Crichton.)" here

FPB Bingo anyone?
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